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When is Goncha festival celebrated in Bastar?


(A) Ashadha month
(B) Bhado month
(C) Kartik month
(D) Falgun month

Answer (Detailed Solution Below)

Option (A) : Ashadha month

Key Points

  • In Bastar Goncha Mahaparva, the Goncha Rath Yatra Vidhan to be held on the month of Ashadh (July) is celebrated on the lines of Jagannath Puri for years.
  • The yatra begins after a sweeping ceremony by Kamalchandra Bhanjdev, a member of the Bastar Raj family.

Goncha Mahaparva

  • According to a belief, there was a practice of saluting the deities in the Goncha festival of the princely period, in place of which the villagers of Bastar region have invented this Tupki and have maintained that practice even today.
  • According to the Bastariya folk belief, the drop of drops in Goncha place must fall on the body so that the physical ailment ends automatically.
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