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This question was previously asked in 68th BPSC Prelims (Held on 12 Feb 2023) (Set: B)

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According to the rock inscription in Sanskrit, composed around second century CE, Sudarshan Lake, an artificial reservoir, was repaired by


1. Harsha
2. Kanishka
3. Rudradaman
4. More than one of the above
5. None of the above


Answer (Detailed Solution Below)

Option 3 : Rudradaman

Key Points

  • Rudradaman I (130–150AD), a Saka monarch from the Western Kshatrapas dynasty, was a Saka ruler from the Western Kshatrapas dynasty.
  • After becoming king, Rudradman I acquired the title of Maha-kshatrapa ("Great Satrap") and consolidated his realm.
  • He is regarded as the most powerful of the Saka rulers.
  • He was in charge of repairing the Sudarshana Lake in Kathiawar.
  • He turned to Hinduism after marrying a Hindu woman.
  • Rudradman fought several wars against the Satavahanas, and Vashishtiputra Satakarni, the son of Andhra king Pulamayi, married Rudradman's daughter to put an end to the fighting.
  • He also wrote the first chaste Sanskrit lengthy inscription.

Junagadh inscription:

  • The Junagadh inscription, which dates from 150 CE, is written in Sanskrit.
  • Rudradman I was tasked with promoting the arts and Sanskrit literature, as well as restoring the Mauryan dam.
  • He did, in reality, restore the lake Sudharsana embankments, which the Mauryas had built to prevent floods. Hence, option 3 is correct.
  • Rudradman is also known as the king who ruled when Yavanesvara, a Greek writer, translated the Yavanajataka from Greek to Sanskrit, influencing Indian astrology.
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